I offer several packages to meet different needs and budgets. We’ll discuss what’s best for you at our walk-through appointment. Call or email to get started!

Walk-through visit

This is always the first step. It allows us both to ask more questions, to get to know each other, and to make sure we are a good fit. I’ll tour your problem areas and suggest the best package.

Commitment package

This package is right for you if you have a big project, or several smaller ones, and you’re ready for a longer process of evaluating, paring down, and reorganizing. We’ll divide up the hours into half or full days (or a mix), depending on your schedule and energy level. Hours must be used within 6 months.


  • 3 full-day or 6 half-day sessions (or a combination)
  • 3 check-in phone calls, including one after sessions end
  • Email support, including for 1 month after package ends.

Focused area package

This package generally works best for one big project or room. Hours must be used within 3 months.


  • 3 half-day sessions (or 1 full day and 1 half day)
  • A check-in call after sessions conclude
  • Email support, including for 2 weeks after package ends.

Try-it-out plan

Want to try getting organized with me to see what it’s like? This option allows you to make a short-term commitment. It’s designed for smaller, contained projects, like a closet or small bathroom. For first-time clients only.


  • Half-day session
  • Follow-up call after session

Do-it-yourself plan

If you want to try tackling a problem area on your own, but need help getting started, this is the package for you. After the walk-through appointment, I’ll send you a written plan of action. For single rooms or smaller projects only.


  • Written plan of suggested actions, including resources and sample products, when relevant.

For all packages, I ask for a prepayment of 50 percent at the time of booking, with the remainder (prorated) to be paid at the end of each session.