About Nancy

NancyVI have always been very organized—except for a brief period when a series of big life events threw me for a loop and threw my systems out of whack. In quick succession, I got married and became a stepmother, had two more children, and moved (twice). My once-tidy and organized spaces filled up with clutter. So I know firsthand how stressful it can be to live in a disorganized space, whatever the cause—happy events (like mine), painful ones (like illness or the loss of a job), or simply the passage of time.

My experience reinforced my belief in the importance of organized surroundings. I dug myself out from under my clutter, and my re-organized home looked better, made me feel calmer, and made my life so much easier. It gave me more time for my family and the other things that were most important to me. I became a professional organizer to help other people enjoy these benefits.

In my organizing work, I draw on my background as a writer and editor. I’ve learned that homes, like texts, work best when they are thoughtfully edited. I worked for several nonprofit groups (mostly in the environmental arena), playing my small part in making the world better, and I feel that as an organizer I can still play this role. That’s because I believe that the best way to be organized is to buy and use less stuff. And that having less stuff translates into a happier, less-stressed lives, less frivolous spending, and a smaller environmental impact, among many other benefits. That’s why I encourage my clients to go beyond “just getting organized” and to rethink their purchasing and reduce their possessions.

I live in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, with my husband and children.