Do you feel weighed down by all your possessions?
Are you annoyed, embarrassed, or stressed by disorganized spaces?
Does the clutter in your home make it hard to find things or to clean?
Do you worry about the impacts of accumulating so much?

counter arrangementI help people who feel overwhelmed by all their stuff. They don’t just want to get organized—they  also want to pare down their possessions and simplify their lives.

Together, we work on two fronts:

  • disorganization and its effects (like visual clutter or constant wrestling with stuffed closets)
  • the feeling that it’s “all too much,” or worries about the impact of having so many things.

My clients achieve spaces that look better, make them feel better, and are easier to keep organized and clean.

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My philosophy:

I believe that limiting your possessions is the best way to stay organized and that it improves life in many other ways. So as part of my organizing mission, I help my clients rethink their relationship to their stuff and adopt a simpler, more pared-down approach. This approach is often called minimalism, but I prefer the newer term essentialism. I like its more positive feel, and its focus on what we do keep: the truly essential things that we really love and use.